Geekvape Mini Tool Kit V2

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Geekvape Mini Tool Kit V2
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Product Introduction:

GeekVape Mini Tool Kit includes 7 different tools for all of your DIY needs.  The kit includes a Diagonal pliers, Needle nose pliers, Folding scissors, Phillips screwdriver, Flathead screwdriver, Ceramic Tweezer, Geekvape coiling kit, and a convenient case.


       Name                                         Material                                                  Size

Diagonal pliers                           Stainless steel                               130mm*50mm*12mm

Needle nose pliers                      Stainless steel                               138mm*48mm*13mm

Folding scissors                 Stainless steel & Bio-plastic                    88mm*27mm*9mm

Phillips screwdriver                   Stainless steel                                     f2.5mm*106mm

Flathead screwdriver                 Stainless steel                                      f2.5mm*106mm

Ceramic Tweezer                  Ceramic & Bio-plastic                         30.5mm*96mm*8mm

Geekvape coiling kit         Aluminium & Stainless steel          f2.0mm/f3.5mm f2.5mm/f3.0mm

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