DotMod Petri V2 (Black)

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DotMod Petri V2 (Black)
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Dotmod Inc Petri V2 Two Post RDA

Made in the USA

The dotmod Inc Petri V2 Two Post RDA is the latest edition of one of the most popular rebuildable dripping atomizers on the market, featuring the classic two post design with enlarged terminals perfect for intricate coil structures, an all PEEK deck, custom machined screws, and a Petri V2 Drip Tip for a complete, matching set-up. The Petri V2 improves upon the critically acclaimed design of it's predecessors, integrating two large posts with 3mm by 2mm rectangular terminals for each post. The large terminals allow users to more easily implement and set a wider variety of coil structures. The custom machined knurled screws feature a large surface area alongside a hex top that allows users to either finger or tool tighten, while the flat bottom surface fits snugly against the interior of each post for improved conductivity. The deck of the Petri V2 is covered by PEEK, which minimizes heat transfer to the 510 insulator to improve durability and performance under high heat output. The Petri V2 features a classic three piece assembly, with the barrel and cap manufactured and finished out of hard anodized aluminum, allowing easy drip access. Dual 3mm airholes provide ample and effective intake, and are well balanced for flavor and vapor. Each Petri V2 RDA includes a Petri V2 Drip Tip, which utilizes a 8mm friction fitting while providing a complete visual pairing. With an improved two post build deck alongside the inclusion of one of the hottest drip tips on the market, the dotmod Petri V2 Two Post RDA makes for a capable and complete high end rebuildable dripping atomizer that matches well with practically any set-up.

Product Features:

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Two Post Design
    • 3mm by 2mm Rectangular Terminals
    • Allows for a Wider Variety of Coil Structure Compatibility
    • Custom Machined Knurled Screws
      • Larger Surface Area
      • Tool or Hand Tighten
      • Flat Bottom for Secureness
    • PEEK Covered Deck
      • Minimizes Heat Transfer to Insulator
      • Heat Resistant
      • High Performance Orientated
  • Classic Three Piece AssemblyDual 3mm Airholes
    • Barrel and Cap
      • Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Includes Petri V2 Drip Tip
    • 8mm Friction Fit Bore

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